SniperSpy Keylogger for PC and MAC

Its the best known pc and mac keylogger SniperSpy , with full features you will be able to monitor your child or your employee very easy.
 This high-tech monitoring application will allow you to see full of what your kids are doing on Facebook and elsewhere in real time. It will also allow you to monitor any employee who uses the company computures.

Live Surveillance and Control Features:

Live Screen ViewerReal Time Screen

Live Viewer Screenshot

Watch all the activity on your computer live as it happens. Everything they do you will be able to watch them do live.

Wondering what your child or employee is doing on your computer? Watch what they do live as it happens. Every open window, website, or program will be displayed running in real-time.

Remote File BrowsingReal Time Keystroke

Remote File Browser Screenshot

Navigate through your remote computer's file system at any time to see what they might have saved or hidden on your computer.

Curious as to what might have been saved on your computer? You can navigate through your computer's file system just as if you were in front of it. The user will never see anything.

Remote File BrowsingRemote File Browser

Remote File Browser Screenshot

Navigate through your remote computer's file system at any time to see what they might have saved or hidden on your computer.

Curious as to what might have been saved on your computer? You can navigate through your computer's file system just as if you were in front of it. The user will never see anything.

Time ControlTime Control NEW!

View Time Control Screenshot

Control the remote system usage and ensure internet usage or exposure to computer screen is set within your set time boundaries of days and hours-minutes.

Do your kids or employees like your computer a little too much? Once you set the restricted days and the auto-lock time frame, the user is not able to use the system as it get locks down for that particular time period.

Tracking Active ProcessesView Active Processes

View Active Processes Screenshot

A complete list of every process running on your computer will be shown, including all system and user processes that are running.

Ever wonder what is running on your remote computer? Every single process will be displayed that is currently running. Also, you can terminate any open process from here as well with a single click.

Application LaunchingLaunch Application

Launch Application Screenshot

You will have the ability to launch any application that is on your remote computer from here, including system programs, games, and utilities.

Need to launch an application on your computer? You will have the capability to launch any installed application that is on your computer, including executables and installation programs.

Send MessageSend Message to User

Send Messages Screenshot

You can send a message directly to your computer. You can use this feature to warn the user of your computer to stop a particular action.

Want to warn the user of your computer not to do something? You will be able to communicate live with them on your computer by sending them any message you desire. They can also reply back as well.

Reboot CommandReboot/Shutdown/Logoff

System Commands Screenshot

Remotely rebooting your computer, shutting it down, and logging the current user off will now be at your fingertips at any time.

Feel the need to shut your remote computer down? You can send a command to your computer to restart, shutdown, or to log the currently signed in user off instantly. This will stop any unwanted use of your computer.

Secure Control PanelSecured Control Panel

HTTPS Secure Panel Screenshot

Offers the only HTTPS secured connection in the remote monitoring software industry. Security of your information is important to us.

The security of your online information is crucial. Your online control panel is password-protected and only you will have that information. Only those you grant access to will be able to sign in.

Remotely InstallableRemotely Deployable

Remote Install Screenshot

SniperSpy is remotely deployable, so there is no need to be in front of your actual computer to install this software.

You can simply attach SniperSpy to an e-mail or embed it into a Microsoft Word or Notepad document. Then send the file via e-mail and when it is opened, it will automaically install and not display any signs it is installed.

Install LocallyLocally Deployable

Local Install Screenshot

SniperSpy is also locally deployable. You can install the program if you have direct access to your remote computer as well.

You can also install SniperSpy directly onto your remote computer if you are in front of it. You can download the program onto the computer, transfer it via flash drive, or install it from a CD.

User NotificationRemote User Alert

User Alert Screenshot

If you wish to notify the user they are being monitored at the startup of each session, you can do that easily by selecting the option when you setup your module.

Users can be warned by a direct message that you are monitoring all activity on your computer. The simple message is shown at the startup of Windows and has an OK button to click to clear the message.

System InformationRemote System Info

System Info Screenshot

Obtain all of the information about your computer system without having to be anywhere near it, including all of its specifications.

A complete description of your computer system will be shown. Everything from the OS version, to its RAM and memory capacities, even the computer's name and processor information will be displayed.

Top Ten Report GraphsTop Ten Report Graphs

Top Ten Graphs Screenshot

A colorful graphical chart will display the most common trends of activity on your computer, from intenet activity to applications.

Your computer's usage summary will be displayed, showing the top 10 of the trend you wish to observe, including websites visited, applications used, windows used, internet searches and IM activity.

Remote UninstallationRemote Uninstall

Remote Uninstall Screenshot

You can even remotely remove SniperSpy from your remote computer without ever having to be near it. It can be accomplished locally as well.

If you wish to remove SniperSpy from your remote computer, you can, right from your control panel. You would send a command to the computer to uninstall SnperSpy the next time the computer uploads logs.

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  1. Best investment I ever made, if you're looking for this type of software go with SniperSpy, I was sceptical but it is absolutely everything it claims to be. I'm not great with IT but the live chat assistance is excellent and helped me immediately every time I had a question or didn't know how to do something. Cant recommend highly enough. Username Sarahjane