Cell Phone Tracker FAQ

Is all Cell Phone Trackers Legit and Works ? 
Answer: NO Because some of the cell phone tracker softwares are very likely scams especially the ones who claim remote install feature.(there is no remotely installable cell phone tracker yet)The other very good legit and working CPT Softwares you can find on the this page.

Is Cell Phone Trackers Works with all cell phones?
Answer: For most of the legit CPT softwares yes, they are works with all cell phone models (with internet connection ofcourse) If you have iphone models you have to jailbreak your iphone first.

Is it easy to install Cell Phone Trackers to my cell phone?
Answer:Yes its normaly so easy to install these softwares but installation process will vary for every different model cell phones.And its takes about 3 to 6 minutes to install  (you have to possess target phone to able to install)

Can i listen live calls and environment sounds with Cell Phone Tracker?
Answer:Yes Some of the cell phone spy softwares provides you call listenning and environment listening abbility too,but you have to check software
features before you buy.

Will it work in my country?
Answer: Yes it will work for every country if your target phone has internet connection.Its not importand if you are in USA or China or Germany.

How many cell phone i can track in one software?
Answer:As many as you like (usually)

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