Cell phone tracker softwares are such a popular applications on industry of mobile device tracking field. So we have collected some of the ferequently asked questions related these cell phone spies.

Question 1: Can cell phone tracker software be loaded to a remote cell phone via sms or simply knowing the telephone number ?

Answer 1 : A cell phone tracker software can not be installed remotely without possessing the phone via SMS or with any other method. Even if such programs could exist with this function, any programs currently legally sold throughout the world do not have this feature at all. This website only provides you informations about the legal softwares.

Question 2: When i purchase a cell phone tracker software , can i use it in my phone indefinitely?

Answer 2 : Cell phone tracker software generally are the programs that are sold with a 12 month license or less than 12 months. And as long as you renew your license at the end of this period, you can continue to use the program. Likewise, a lot of phone monitoring softwares sold with the licenses of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month is available. In the same way at the end of this period the license can be extended. When you extend your license ,you do not need to install it to your phone again.

Question 3: When cell phone tracker software can be received as a single license, how many phones can be monitored simultaneously?

Answer 3 : We can say that about common feature of all softwares : When you receive a usual license, you can follow only one phone at the same time . And if you want to change the telephone number that you follow, you have the right to change it in your program’s online panel at any time. For example; you purchase a -12-month program and you are following “A” phone and then you want to start to follow any other phone and to change the previous telephone number . this is so sample that you can change it in your program’s online panel. That’s all. Now you can follow “B”phone, furthermore you decide the period of listening.
If if you want to follow both A and B of the phone at the same time, then you need to have either 2 separate licenses or you need to have Business version of the softwares. (Business editions are mostly versions used to make telephone follow-up as multiple versions and preferred wanting to perform the monitoring of employees by employers )

Question 4 : In which phones can these softwares be used?

Answer 4 : This software can be used in version 2.2 and above all android phones, and and in all iOS phones. Here contrary to the brand name of the telephone , what the operating system is important.

Question 5: How do I buy this software, do we have the option to pay at the door?

Answer 5: Cell phone tracker software apps that are sold on the internet and with worldwide sales, and there is also a major concern that pay at the door as the purchase option is not an option for cell phone tracker software. After you purchase this software, you can download it directly to the phone ,so these softwares have the properties that can be downloaded directly to the phone because these are applications that can be used immediately after purchase, and also you reach it by downloading. That’s why, there is not any physical object that is sent you.

Question 6 : Is it credible to buy the software from the internet?

Answer 6 : Its %100 safe, and all selling process provided by most popular digital product seller companies. And also the softwares in worldwide sales mentioned in our site are the most popular applications, and the companies are the most prominent ones operating in this field. Purchasing operations are provided by Avangate that is one of the largest digital product vendors all over the world. So in a word ,the purchasing process is provided by highly reliable companies.

Question 7 : Is ıt hard to install the software?

Answer 7 : Absulutly no. You spend only 2 minutes and 4 minutes to install this apps  to the target phone, the installation process is quite easy  and so the detailed descriptions of the installation process is available in your online panel with snapshots that you can log your own when you buy that software. Also, you can learn how the software is downloaded relavent pages in this website too.

Question 8 : Does it work in every country?

Answer 8 : Yes it does. Cell phone tracker software works in each country. The software works and you can follow the targetted phone no matter which country you are or no matter where the targetted phone is, i mean the difference in distance is not important.

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