Text message and sms spy applications were very popular for past couple of years and still have its attraction among the considerable group of people.With sms spy software you can track your target cell phone text messages from distant in front of your pc. To do that firstly you have to install a proper cell phone sms tracker application to your target cell phone, so you will be able to recieve all incomming and outgoing text messages to your software control panel after succesful installation.
The installation prosses of this applications are vary on each operating system cell phones but its usually last in 3 to 5 minutes. Some of the installation tutorial video samples could be found on our installation samples page..
Some of the major and most popular text message spy applications listed on this website so you could compare each of it by reading review and price comparison pages.
And again not like early years of cell phone tracking technology, now the cell phone tracker apps are not only tracking text messages but also call logs , gps, photos, videos and more and more...

If you want to get one of this software but you having difficulties to decide which one meet your needs then you should check our FAQ page

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